Our Additional Modules

Our CeleroOne® plug-ins add even more closeness to customers and employees. Order placement, complaint processing, employee search and qualification without lengthy parallel and multiple communication and holding patterns. Just log in and go.  


CeleroOne® Service On Demand

The service-on-demand portal enables customers to request a service 24/7, define service details and retrieve real-time performance data.

CeleroOne® Ticketing

CeleroOne® ticketing digitises the quality feedback and optimises the processing of complaints.

CeleroOne® eLearning

CeleroOne® eLearning can be filled with any multimedia content. 

The add-on provides the opportunity to inform, train and qualify employees nationwide or role-based.

CeleroOne® Recruiting

CeleroOne® recruiting is the solution for a modern, lean and comfortable applicant management from receipt of the application through the selection process to the setting - fully digital.