Our Solution

CeleroOne is an immediately applicable workforce management platform which delivers ideal tools for specific personnel planning, resource management and performance reviews from the first moment.

CeleroOne Master Data Management


Instantly manages all relevant master data and workflows for your business.

CeleroOne Planning


The right people in the right place at the right time. Manage orders effectively and optimise the capacity of your field organisation.

CeleroOne Mobile


Our CeleroOne mobile App provides role-based, real-time basis to all the information you need about your job site, order status and quality of service.

CeleroOne Reporting


CeleroOne reporting offers a 360 ° view of the point of service and associated KPIs. This enables project managers, teams and employees, according to their role, to plan efficiently, optimise productivity and meet targets.

CeleroOne Analysis- and Configuration Service

Our service begins with the admission of your business processes and the configuration of the workflows. With the focus on a fast return-on-investment, we implement your business application in 

a timely manner.

CeleroOne Implementing and Training Service


Our service covers the entire cycle of the CeleroOne introduction through the training phase up to the successful start of the project.